• Posture-Contour Complete Bodysuit

  • Our all-in-one Braologie Posture-Contour Complete Bodysuit provides total posture-improving and body shaping, from bust through thighs.  The overall goal of wearing Braologie Complete Bodysuit is to balance the head on the neck, the neck on the shoulders; the shoulder girdle on the rib cage; the pelvis on the femurs and restore pain-free and natural movement.


    • Bust support - Prevents breasts from displacing to the sides and sagging. 
    • Reinforced Tummy area - Shapes midriff and tummy. Defines waistline.
    • Reinforced back support - Provides maximum support to both the upper and lower back. It prevents and corrects slouching back and alleviate back pain.
    • Stabilize the pelvis and hips - Supports pelvic region to prevent it from out of alignment. Alleviates hips and pelvic girdle pain.
    • BYOB - Bring your own bra, or you can choose ours for maximum effect.
    • Much more features - We couldn't list them all here. Please click here for more features. 
  • $398.00 USD

  • Posture-Contour Complete Bodysuit
  • Posture-Contour Complete Bodysuit
  • Posture-Contour Complete Bodysuit

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