• Foundation Bra (The Lacie)

  • Introducing our main featured bra "The Lacie", designed and developed with over 30 years experience. No other bra on the market right now has built in so much function into one product. All this is incorporated into 3 goals in mind, to concentrate, lift and hold your breast.


    • Unique center gore: The center gore provides maximum support to the breasts, pulls it towards the front and holding it in the center of the chest.
    • Engineered Cups - Innovative cup design engineered to increase fullness and forward projection of the breasts. The higher platform smooths bulges under the arms and provides supreme support.
    • U-Shaped back - The wider back wings and straps distribute the weight of the breast evenly to increase comfort. The wide wings also help hold breast tissue and banish back fat.
    • Stronger, higher side wings - The wide and strong wings offer more secure fit while the side boning directs breast tissue towards the front.
    • There's more features!!! - Click here if you want to see every feature and design of this product.
    • Sizes - 28-36, AAA-G
    • For optimum results, 3 is perfect. One wear, one wash, and one rest. For more info, click here.
    • How do we choose your size? Click here to find out.
    Important Note PLEASE READ: There are a number of way to purchase Braologie products, please click here for more info.
  • $45.99 USD

  • Foundation Bra (The Lacie)
  • Foundation Bra (The Lacie)
  • Foundation Bra (The Lacie)
  • Foundation Bra (The Lacie)

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