• Foundation Bra (Casual)

  • We understand that sometimes women wants to be discreet with their undergarments but still have the support and hold in their bras. Our "Casual" bra is developed and designed with discretion in mind but without losing functionality. With most of the function as our "Lacie" bra but discreet using our smooth cups, we hope to assist women to all their needs.


    • Discrete bra cups - With smooth materials and a low cut, our bra cups blend in invisibly with your body shape.
    • High Platform - Smooths bulges under the arms and provides supreme support.
    • Wide straps - Distributes the weight of the breasts on the shoulders
    • High and close gore - Supports breasts at an ideal height and prevents them from migrating outwards.
    • More features - For more information about this product, click here.
    • Sizes - 28-36, AAA-G
    • For optimum results, 3 is perfect. One wear, one wash, and one rest. For more info, click here.
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  • $45.99 USD

  • Foundation Bra (Casual)
  • Foundation Bra (Casual)
  • Foundation Bra (Casual)

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